“We love the CPR sisters! We have used them several times for on-site CPR recertification and will definitely use them again.”
Alan M. Zuckerman, M.D.
Quantum Radiology

Our preschool teachers and staff members are required to be certified in CPR every 24 months. For some, this might seem to be a daunting undertaking. Not for us. We look forward to our certification with the CPR Sisters. They are talented instructors who help bestow the confidence and techniques needed for saving a life through CPR and AED training. The CPR Sisters are clear communicators in group instruction and lend patient encouragement during individual testing. I highly recommend this team for their expertise, friendliness, and humor.
Peggy Fallon
St. David’s Preschool

We highly recommend the CPR Sisters! They are very professional, informative, and their material is always up to date. They take all the time needed for each person to know clearly what to do if CPR is needed.
Drs. Smith and Meadows DDS

“My CPR training was put to the test when I witnessed an accident on GA 400. I pulled the victim from her car and performed CPR until the EMS arrived. Thanks to my training with the CPR Sisters my assistance got her breathing again and she survived the accident.”
Kerry Vanderpool
CPR Sisters Student

Of all the class evaluations, 98% rated the class outstanding. Feedback generally supports the following statement. The instructors were very knowledgeable, shared real and personal situations, very clear and informative, students enjoyed the hands on practice.
Sherri Parman
Nader Parman Tribute Fund (100+ classes)

The instructors are both excellent and amusing.
First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta

We have had several classes with Debora and Darla and they did an outstanding job. Everyone was impressed with their ability to convey the message and their professionalism. The MJCCA and I appreciate The CPR Sisters assistance in this valuable training.
Bernard R. Wasserman
Director of Security
Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta



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